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I recently decided to grow my hair out naturally because I'm going to Japan where finding African American hair care will be like trying to pull fresh catnip from my cat Stinky's clutches. AKA impossible. Well, in my request for non-chemically processed hair, I did my hair in crazy crimpy waves that got many compliments. However, I'm afraid that said fun hair style may be the reason behind a recent visitor I think we've gotten at casa de la home because I'm pretty sure that my friend Hailey's ghost followed me home from Cosmo's last night. No really! We were sitting there, sipping after work cosmopolitans all sophisticated like and we naturally started talking about ghosts and the fact that one is stalking her. I intelligently remarked that she could keep said ghost to herself.

Well I got home last night and locked the door to the garage but when my mom woke up this morning, she said that not only was it unlocked but wide open. AND that she had heard thumping last night, like metal on metal thumping and one of the things that Hailey said she heard with her ghost was thumping and heavy footsteps on the roof.
I'm hoping that if this is the case and Mr. Ghosty-Mc-Ghostalot is hanging around here that he's a hottie like Hector "Jesse" de Silva a la The Mediator, my favorite of Meg Cabot's series. We can only hope. I'll be wearing a cross when I go to sleep tonight just in case.

You know, because ghosts are like vampires right?

P.S. Why did it get so cold in here all of a sudden?
P.P.S. I just found this on Meg Cabot's website while thinking about Jesse and decided to post it. It'll make you say aww....And then go buy the series because it's one of my favs!

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  1. What? That is the creepiest thing I've ever heard. I would never want to run into any sort of ghost ever!