Seoul Sick

Is it possible to feel home sick for a place that was never really your home?

I've been researching schools in Japan and Seoul to apply to for next year and just realized how much I miss Seoul! And I found I missed the little funny things I never thought I'd miss, like the sound that the trains made when we were approaching a station and the automated voice announcing the name came on. Or the mountainous piles of umbrellas that would block the stairs outside the goshiwon I stayed in whenever it was raining. Or walking into the Coffee Prince cafe and trying not to squeal because it looks JUST like the cafe in the drama. Or even watching episode after episode of 우리 결혼했어요 (We Got Married) and being like "WHAT ARE THEY SAYING?....AND WHY AREN'T CROWN J AND IN SEO IN YOUNG A COUPLE IN REAL LIFE?" I miss eating too spicy dokbogi and not knowing how to order pizza. Cute, old ajumas whispering like little giggling school girls on the train, crazy permed hair and all. And most of all I miss being folded and tucked away in a crowd and knowing I didn't fit in with everyone else but knowing that was okay and that people would be that much more welcoming because I didn't.

I really hope to go back to Seoul soon. I was there for seven weeks but there's still so much more to see and experience there. I've researched working at SMOE the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education but we'll see what's the right fit. Gotta crank out a resume too, but I already have some references lined up. It's coming along one step at a time.

Last week was a week from Hades with a crazy art project and two projects for my communications class. Then we had a freak one day snow storm but I got a lot of reading and writing done, which is always good. About 45 pages into second book in Calling You series.

6 weeks until graduation!
1st woman's detective agency is super cute! I didn't know Jill Scott was such a good actress!


  1. I've heard that Korea's pretty awesome. I want to visit.

  2. Coffee prince (the K-drama) was quite popular in the Philippines. Never thought the place actually exists.

    P.S. me says "Ohh la la" to your avatar.

  3. Casey, I love the pink layout and I love that picture of you in a mask. And I love Jill Scott and didn't realize she was starring in that new detective show! I'm really jealous that you get to graduate soon and I'll miss seeing you around campus!

  4. I'm just now transitioning to the whole Kpop scene--I know I'm lame but, what I can relate to is missing a place you were never entirely a part of. It's part of growing up , don't sweat it.

    good post!

  5. I read this a while ago and wanted to comment but it wouldn't let me for some reason. I'm hoping it lets me now. Don't feel bad, I miss it and I've never even been there. But I am going there this summer for a couple weeks, and I'm so excited!

    And I LOVE We Got Married! Suh In Young was so crazy to watch. And I loved Andy and Solbi and the whole ring fiasco. Then all the good couples left and I haven't watched it much after episode 35 or 36. but it's all subbed on Mysoju! If you haven't seen it yet. :)

    p.s. LOVE the new layout!

  6. Thanks everyone for the comments. It's awesome to have so much support.

    Yes I totally thought of a list to things I'd wished I'd said after! >_<