I'm Back!

Wow, it has been a minute or two since I've posted. The reason being that I totally fell off of the face of the Earth. Seriously, it was straight Pirates of the Caribbean style. Just floating along in my gigante wooden ship and all of a sudden holy crap, there was this waterfall thing that took me deep into the bowels of...finals week.

And while finals week is not, in fact the face of the Earth, it is-as I learned-the gaping mouth of hell. Complete with all nighters, gratuitous alcohol coffee consumption, books I hadn't touched since the beginning of the semester, and the random late night sobering mind clearing jogs.

But I have come out on the other side of finals week, miraculously victorious! And much more than that, it was my last finals week ever! That's because more than books and coffee and alcohol jogging; I graduated this week! I am now an official diploma wielding alum of the University of Tulsa! (Go c/o 2009!)

And you know what graduation means...
No not tacky polyester caps and gowns and tassels
It means shopping!
Which I have done lots of lately on the tab of all the family members who sent me money! (Thanks you guys! My summer shoes collection is now complete....ish)

It also means reading which I've done a lot of. Just cracked open Kiss the Sky by Farai Chideya. Who doesn't love books about wannabe rock stars? Harvard bound wannabe rock stars? Right... Plus there's a playlist for the book in the very back. What else could you want?

Other things that happened during crazy time:
-Broke camera...again
-Lied to mom for a good reason that made her cry tears of happiness on Mother's Day
-rung the Graduate bell in Sharp Plaza four times even though tradition only calls for it once
-Made a lot of cake
-Ate a taco salad and chipped my tooth so bad I have to go to the dentist on Wednesday (shudders)
-Thought I had Swine Flu
-Revised manuscript twice because I realized the first time I was more reading than revising...
-Watched 17 Again and had the earth shattering realization that Zac Efron is, in fact, a hottie
-Read 4 books instead of study
-Got 5 A's (still waiting to hear from last class) to round out my college GPA out to a yummy 3.5!!!
-Meet new baby cousin
-Rocked a fabulous yellow dress

So far the summer has started out pretty good and with the summer goal of getting hired abroad and hopefully getting a lit agent (and not going completely broke in Vegas...), I'm hoping this shall be the best one yet! Wish me luck.



What was your best summer memory?