Happy V-tine's Day

I send a great bit candy gram to everyone. As I'm sure everyone is aware, today is officially the day of love. Greeting card and chocolate companies everywhere are rejoicing. Boyfriends are buying expensive gifts in hopes of getting out of the dog house. People like me are looking for every shred of black clothing in their closets to boycott the holiday. I decided that I am going to list the things that I love in honor of this most delicious of days.

-chasing my cat around the house then laughing at her TV addiction
-walking around barefoot at work
-listening to k-pop and trying to pick out words I recognize
-the smell of new books
-Rain (Bi)-the Korean star
-my new cell phone
-the music trivia game on my iPod
-striking a chord just right on my guitar
-eating the Chuck Norris of all licorice sticks-Red Vines
-using the Chuck Norris of all licorice sticks as a straw to drink cherry Coke
-not catching 5 o'clock traffic on 81st street between Mingo and Memorial
-checking Perezhilton.com more times a day than should be legally allowed
-geeking out and playing drinking games with my friends on Saturday nights
-writing The End at the end of a manuscript
-meaning The End after editing it until your brain starts to numb
-talking to other writers
-watching Transformers with my mom while she points out and names every single Decepticon
-waking up my cat when she's trying to sleep

We weren't too busy today but I did get a book to read for the holiday. It's called Be With You and it's a Japanese novel that was translated. I've got to finish reading Grotesque but hopefully I'll get a review of both of them up soon!

I hope that everyone has a joyous Valentine's Day. Be Safe!


  1. No way, you love the music trivia game on the iPod too? You might the only person I know (other than me) that plays it!

    Happy Valentine's Day! x

  2. I know right! I totally love that thing. And sadly, like never win....